The White Pegasus Gift

In keeping with the ‘ole tradition of underpriced white elephant gifts, we’re also posting our own little White Pegasus offering for the holiday season.

As you can see below, White Pegasus is a free 3-song download featuring the brand new “Blue Christmas” recording plus two 2010 favorites. We want to give it to pretty much everyone on earth this Christmas, and we’re giving away a bunch prizes to those who help us.

WHY WE NEED YOU: It seems like the hardest thing in the world these days is to get the word out about something. Whether for a band or a product or whatever, there are so many ads, channels, and sites that even a campaign that cost millions of $$ can fail to grab people. I know I get overwhelmed, especially this time of year. The one source I always tend to trust, though, are my friends.  A personal email or direct message from a friend is worth more than any fancy marketing campaign; if someone I know takes the time to let me know about something I’ll definitely check it out.

So we’re hoping you’ll help us out by sharing, posting, and especially sending individual messages with this White Pegasus thing to anyone you think might enjoy the free tunes. You could also just send people the songs if you want, though the widget is all setup to do it for you and it helps us know who is getting the songs. The main point is that, whatever someone may have heard of Lovedrug before, we want to give them these three songs for free, including the brand new “Blue Christmas” plus “Pink Champagne” and “Southern Knell”. Will you help us?

How to help and win:

On FACEBOOK:  Click “Share” on the widget and send it as a message to as many of your Facebook friends as you think would like to check it out.  You can also post it to your wall.  As you share the widget, check back to the I AM LOVEDRUG event page and post on the wall how many people you’re sending it to, any positive reviews or funny compliments you’ve gotten, etc. You can also obviously change your Facebook pic, post the widget on your wall, etc. You get the idea; really just do what you can and we’ll enter your name in the hat for every share, message, interesting story, etc.

ELSEWHERE: If you don’t use Facebook you can direct email this, post to your blog, or other website from right here.  Just post what you did on that page or email us at info(at)lovedrugmusic(dot)com and we’ll enter your name in the hat.

PRIZES: A whole bunch of people will win a whole bunch stuff, including some items from the I AM LOVEDRUG campaign. At least three grand prize winners will get personally dedicated video performance of any Lovedrug song they choose.

You ARE Lovedrug and you are part of this!

James & Lovedrug

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